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Hi! Welcome to the PINBALL SHED

From a childhood addiction to a fulltime business.

I can clearly remember when it all started. I was only 14, it was the early 1970's, I walked into the the local pinball parlour in the Bayside Brisbane surburb of Wynnum.

I saw these bikies standing around playing these bright looking amusement machines called pinballs.

The brilliant artwork on the backglasses and the amazing colors of the playfields and cabinets really caught my eye, or was it the sounds, clicks and bells, which was coming out of these games.

I watched these guys playing them for about 30 minutes. When they were finished with them, they looked at me and said, there are some free games left on the 2 games, you can have them.

I pressed the start button and out popped a ball, I shot it up into the playfield, I started slapping the flipper buttons around, my eyes were following this ball around, I was watching the score reels clicking over. What a buzz, my first ever pinball game. That was the start of it.

Twenty years later in the early 90's, along with my good friend, John Grist, we both started off a pinball sales and repair business called Pinball Master Qld. We had the business for around 5 years then we both changed directions and both went out separate ways. I stayed in the business on a part time basis while John continued fulltime. With the boom of the home pinball market in the 2000's, I was now working fulltime again.

The Pinball Shed, located in the Redlands, 20 mins south of Brisbane. Recent extentions to the shed has seen its floor space almost doubled, with a new showroom, handling and distribution area and repair workshop.

This is the place to visit, if you are looking to purchase your first or 20th pinball machine. Specialists in all eras of pinballs from the early electro mechanical, to the early solid state games and up to the latest dot matix games of the 90's and 2000's.

Second hand spare parts are also available for many different types of games.

New rubbers, bulbs, coils, targets, switches and Novis playfield polish are always available in stock..

In home pinball repairs, are also available if you are unable to bring your game to us.

Its 2009, my name is Tony Turner and I have just started my pinball collection, my first 2 games are both old Williams games from the early 70's, they are called Klondike and Straight Flush.

When playing these two games with my family, I often remember back when I was a 14 year old kid, walking into that pinball parlour and seeing these same two games for the very first time. What priceless childhood memories.

We keep a good range of pre-owned pinball games that have been reconditioned ready for you to enjoy. All pinballs have the following work performed. Top of playfield stripped down and cleaned, all new rubbers installed, all blown bulbs replaced, all switches and solenoids checked and adjusted All flippers overhauled to work like new again. All circuit boards checked over for any problems, a remote battery pack is installed to the cpu. New balls are installed into the game. New lock and keys.

We have a large selection of white rubbers, flipper rubbers, playfield bulbs, coils, targets, switches and carry a large range of the 3 different novis polish.

We offer on-site repairs for Pinball games around Brisbane, Sydney, Toowoomba and Townsville.


Payments via Paypal can be made to : turner@ecn.net.au


Our ebay store can be found here : stores.shop.ebay.com.au/pinballshed

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